March 28, 2017

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By Thomas Block

This unsettling ebook stories particular situations of “holy struggle” as proposed within the holy books of the foremost religion traditions, and illustrates how bellicose, war-like language is used to provide an explanation for the non secular quest. the writer proposes that this intermingling of struggle and spirituality prepares the inhabitants for the arrival of conflict. warfare as non secular perform appears to be like inevitable, because of this religio-violent schooling that is woven via all religion traditions. The institutional mixing of the sacred and human aggression seem to be basic to human society. the second one element of the ebook particularizes this dynamic inside of our modern, American social and political milieu. It concentrates at the political language and speeches of yank politicians because 2002, following the run-up to the Iraq conflict and its continuation during the last decade, displaying precisely how this mystical/war conflation permeates American society. This ebook has huge power readership, together with teachers and lay readers fascinated about the fields of conflict, political technological know-how, peace and clash solution, faith, spirituality and basic social historical past. scholars from West element to St. John’s of Annapolis will locate it not easy and informative, might be altering their notion of conflict, faith and human society

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Israel, the religion and the nation, was founded in blood.

Yet . . 36 Most religious narratives are steeped in the imagery of combat, and political and even religious leaders use religion to provide justification for bellicose acts. 14 Chapter One: War Violence and God, war and religion have been intertwined since the beginning of human time. Religion, after all, is about reaching into the soul to stir a consciousness beyond the limits of language and the mundane. And images of death have always been at the heart of religion’s power to do just this. 37 The sacred consists of all those forces whose dominance over man increases or seems to increase in proportion to man’s effort to master them.

Throughout this book I propose that war is as natural to human experience as other, more acceptable aspects of our character. The placement of Mars outside the city walls simply represents the desire to separate ourselves from this central facet of our own psyche. In a social sense, we do this by institutionalizing this aspect of our being through war, and by choosing surrogate murderers (warriors) to act out our own primal, destructive desires, thereby freeing the rest of us to live in a “civilized” state.

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