March 28, 2017

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By James B. Bell

Examines the debatable institution of the 1st Anglican Church in Boston in 1686, and the way later, political leaders John Adams, Samuel Adams, and John Wilkes exploited the disputes as political dynamite including taxation, exchange, and the quartering of troops: issues which John Adams later recalled as reasons of the yank Revolution.

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For Mather, the church was an institution of the chosen of God: it had always been so. 19 The loss of piety, the changes in sacramental practices, and the lowering of standards for church membership had shaken Increase Mather and eroded the idea of the true church in New England as a saving remnant. The presence of the Church of England in Boston undermined and placed in jeopardy the political and religious legacy of the Puritan founders of the Bay colony. The two Mathers, Increase and Cotton, uncrowned heads of the New England Congregational church in their days, opposed at once and strenuously the intrusion of the English church.

The Divine Law binds men to do nothing which is not for edification ... which whether the thing required be so, every man has liberty to examine by the judgement of discretion’. He disputed Keith’s fourth rule, ‘that the Dissenters ought to joyn, in Acts of Publick Worship with the Church [of England]’, despite ‘the great mixture of unsound Members in that Church’. Mather declared that ‘the Ceremonies enjoyned by the Common Prayer Book ... the Nonconformists believe ... 53 He noted in his Journal, that in his sermon and publication he attempted to answer Mather and refute the validity of his objections.

The experience of the church in Virginia varied from the other colonies. 41 Professor John K. 42 During the early years of the eighteenth century, Virginia officials, seeking settlers, sponsored the importation of French and German Protestants and as an inducement offered temporary relief from parish levies. 43 With the migration of the Scots Irish and Germans in the 1730s, largely from Pennsylvania, new settlements took place in the Shenandoah Valley and pushed Discord Enlarged 27 eastward into the Piedmont and westward into the Appalachian mountain valleys.

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