March 28, 2017

Download A Witch's Feast (Memento Mori Series, Book 2) by C. N. Crawford PDF

By C. N. Crawford

"There are new principles governing the country--namely, no magic. yet Fiona Forzese hasn't ever been strong with rules." After a ghostly military terrorized Boston, the Ranulf kinfolk say they'll support Fiona and her classmates wind up junior yr. they are saying their previous Virginia plantation is a secure haven. All Fiona and her mystery coven need to do is appear to some math and English sessions. it's going to be an ideal resolution. And it might be, if the Ranulfs weren't individuals of a witch-hunting cult. As Fiona digs deeper into the Ranulf's earlier, she learns a gloomy fact that shocks her to her center. however it isn't merely the Ranulfs who're retaining secrets and techniques, and because the witch-hunting cult closes in, Fiona is compelled to confront the demons of her personal previous.

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He fought with the great hammer Grond, which at each blow made a great pit, and he beat Fingolfin to the ground; but as he died he pinned the great foot of Morgoth to the earth, ‘and the black blood gushed forth and filled the pits of Grond. ’ So also, when Beren and Lúthien, in the shapes of a wolf and a bat, made their way into the deepest hall in Angband, where Morgoth sat, Lúthien cast a spell on him: and ‘suddenly he fell, as a hill sliding in avalanche, and hurled like thunder from his throne lay prone upon the floors of hell.

It was in The Book of Lost Tales that there first appeared in narrative the Gods, or Valar; Elves and Men as the Children of Ilúvatar (the Creator); Melkor-Morgoth the great Enemy; Balrogs and Orcs; and the lands in which the Tales are set, Valinor ‘land of the Gods’ beyond the western ocean, and the ‘Great Lands’ (afterwards called ‘Middle-earth’, between the seas of east and west). Among the Lost Tales three were of much greater length and fullness, and all three are concerned with Men as well as Elves: they are The Tale of Tinúviel (which appears in brief form in The Lord of the Rings as the story of Beren and Lúthien that Aragorn told to the hobbits on Weathertop; this my father wrote in 1917), Turambar and the Foalókë (Túrin Turambar and the Dragon, certainly in existence by 1919, if not before), and The Fall of Gondolin (1916–17).

Túrin was slow to forget injustice or mockery; but the fire of his father was also in him, and he could be sudden and fierce. Yet he was quick to pity, and the hurts or sadness of living things might move him to tears; and he was like his father in this also, for Morwen was stern with others as with herself. He loved his mother, for her speech to him was forthright and plain; but his father he saw little, for Húrin was often long away from home with the host of Fingon that guarded Hithlum’s eastern borders, and when he returned his quick speech, full of strange words and jests and half-meanings, bewildered Túrin and made him uneasy.

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