March 29, 2017

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By Madjid Nakhjiri

Although a radical remedy of the entire suitable points of the marketed components of community safeguard, the English is undesirable sufficient to be ambiguous and distracting and lots of locations. A prompt paintings if the reader is ready to wait and see and diligent with the awkward use of the English language.

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As we will see later on, for most AAA protocols, specific data units called attributes are designed for each type of ASI. As long as the AAA can recognize the attribute type, it can simply tell what application it relates to. Typically, some sort of identifier for the ASM is included in the request to the AAA server, so that it can route the packet to the proper destination. For instance, an NAI may be used to help the AAA server identify the ASM or to let the AAA server know that the ASM may belong to a completely different administrative domain.

In inter-domain accounting, accounting packets and session records will typically cross administrative boundaries. 3 depicts interaction between various entities within a multi-domain accounting model. The accounting server needs to distinguish between interand intra-domain accounting events and route them appropriately. A specific type of entity identifier, called network access identifier (NAI) is generally used for this purpose. The NAI consists of a user identity followed by a realm or domain identity in the form of userID@realmID.

Two notes are in order: First, if any of the information components are to be maintained private and/or secure, the AAA server must make sure the components are encrypted and/or authenticated while in transit. Depending on the type of protocol used, message routing and security may be performed hop by hop or end to end as will be discussed in Chapters 6 and 7. Second, the decision of authorization is still made by the AAA server, even if the services, resources, or policy decisions and management are performed at other entities.

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