March 28, 2017

Download Abused by Therapy. How Searching for Childhood Trauma Can by Katharine Mair PDF

By Katharine Mair

Abused by means of treatment debunks a contemporary delusion: that there are particular signs in adults which are in most cases as a result of adolescence trauma. Therapists believing this can look for the hidden reason in the back of their consumers' present indicators and they're going to locate it – yet what precisely are they discovering? humans present process remedy do recuperate thoughts of scary trauma. is that this facts of formerly unsuspected abuse or does it replicate the therapists' obsessions? This e-book indicates how recovered reminiscence treatment can lead humans to rewrite their previous histories, in order that as soon as enjoyed mom and dad are visible as abusers who has to be rejected. but it will possibly usually be proven that those new ideals are unfounded. picture descriptions are supplied of how this robust treatment can harm the lives of all involved: the consumers, their accused households and the therapists who develop into trapped into upholding more and more unbelievable and distressing ideals. a world crusade is now selling the remedy of...

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From now on her reactions to all of Janet’s revelations would be very different from Peter’s. “Mary seemed neither to believe or disbelieve. She just took it as what Janet said. Unfortunately this is the situation with Mary and Janet. Janet has been so successful both in her education and at work, and she was such an outgoing, positive person. Anyone would believe what she was saying, she has that sort of aura around her. Mary always looked up to her, so whatever Janet says, it must be true. Mary has always lacked the ability to question Janet.

1 The words ‘child sexual abuse’ cover a range of experiences which may have very different consequences for the victim: A single glimpse of a stranger flashing his penis. Intimate fondling by a favourite uncle. Violent rape by a gang of men. Enjoyable sex with an older partner during adolescence. Repeated forced sex and other perversions with family members. It is therefore not possible to generalise about the damaging effect that child sexual abuse can have on the later lives of its victims. Common sense tells us that for some victims there is probably no lasting harm, but for others the consequences may be devastating.

In the next chapter I will be describing how research studies have shown us that there can be a link between child sexual abuse and later difficulties and disorders. However, this link is often tenuous, and we can seldom be certain that it was the abuse which caused the later problem. Similarly we can never assume that, because someone has a particular diagnosis or set of symptoms, they must have been abused as children. This book is about what can happen when therapists make this crucial mistake: when they see certain diagnoses or symptoms as signs of childhood trauma.

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