March 28, 2017

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By J. Mansfeld, D. T. Runia

The subject matter of this examine is the Doxography of difficulties in physics from the Presocratics to the early first century BCE attributed to Aetius. half I specializes in the argument of the compendium as an entire, of its books, of its sequences of chapters, and of person chapters, opposed to the historical past of Peripatetic and Stoic method. half II bargains the 1st complete reconstruction in one unified textual content of ebook II, which offers with the cosmos and the heavenly our bodies. it really is in response to broad research of the appropriate witnesses and comprises listings of diverse doxographical-dialectical parallels in different historic writings. This new therapy of the facts supersedes Diels' nonetheless dominant source-critical procedure, and should turn out necessary for students in historical philosophy.

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65a 65a On Megasthenes on the philosophy of the Brahmins and its Indic and Greek ingredients see Stein (1932) 261–264, who seems to us somewhat too skeptical where the Indic basis is concerned. g. Apte (1951) 380. The explicit reference to spermatology in Megasthenes fr. 33 is noteworthy, cf. below, n. 289. L. 11, Hecataeus of Abdera in Book I of the On the Philosophy of the Egyptians, fr. B6 DK ~ FGrH 264 fr. 1, τ ν κ σμον γενητ ν κα φ αρτ ν κα σφαιροειδ , the only other example of these three adjectives together.

But the structure and style of this hypothetical work only become to some extent the same as that of Celsus’ lost treatise after the sections and passages condemned as Aëtian contributions (especially, we may point out, the rare instances of arguments contra) have been eliminated, for only then will Augustine’s description fit, from which the ‘conciseness of expression’, brevitas sermonis, and objectivity of presentation (nec redarguit aliquem) attributed to Celsus are singled out for special mention by Diels.

58, reading λυμπον [cf. Q] τ ν κρυσταλλοειδ for λιον τ. κ. 25 See below, text to nn. 398, 403. For alternatives see also below, Section 18. physical tenets, physikos logos 21 Vorsokratiker twenty-two years later, the reconstructed A (just like some of his cousin writings) has become a Fundgrube,26 and in fact virtually all the bits and pieces believed to be worthwhile have been dug up and relocated to collections of fragments, thus acquiring a new and different context. But the brief remarks on the lemma about Empedocles’ sun(s) as part of a diaeresis made above already suggest that when interpreting such a text it is crucial to keep its Placita origin and context in mind.

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