March 28, 2017

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By Neal Asher

The Collector rampages throughout a miles destiny Africa populated with gene-spliced vampires, resurrected huge and nutters with APWs . . .

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The penny dropped. She ceased to struggle. “Please do not kill Jethro Susan,” came a lisping voice from nearby. I looked round, then up at a dark form crouching on one of the stunted boughs of the baobab. The shape opened out and launched with a silent flap of its batlike wings and dropped down to my right. A Pykani: mahogany black leaning to translucence, a childlike body, shaped orange hair, and the white tips of fangs projecting over her bottom lip. She folded her wings on landing and made a curious warding gesture towards the felled mammoth.

It was unlikely there was anything wrong, but it passed the time. By evening Susan had not stirred and I was considering picking her up and moving on. As I reached for her a shriek echoed across the plain as if from the inner ring of Hell; part man, part bird, and part madness. It was distant, but I well knew it was not far enough away. The next shriek was closer, and shortly after that a dark shape occluded the stars and there was a booming as of sails caught in a wind. The shape descended to land on the central baobab.

I yelled. She ran. As I came up beside her I explained while she gasped for breath. I did not need to gasp. No part of me needed oxygen. “Antiphoton rifle keyed to dump its load. ” She looked at me with horror. ” She nodded agreement. This was no time for silly arguments. She knew my capabilities. I dashed ahead of her, stopped and stooped down. In a moment she was on my back and I set out at increased speed. ” she managed, before she got her head down. In a moment I was up to thirty-five kilometres an hour, which is fast enough over such terrain.

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