March 28, 2017

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By Chandra Mehrotra, Lisa Wagner

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2006). Kimmel et al. (2006) reminds us that, “What is often called the LGBT community is, in fact, many smaller populations that have in common only their minority sexual orientation. Issues such as age, race, ethnicity, religion, class and gender often are more relevant to a person’s sense of self and sense of community than is sexual orientation” (p. 10). Although the LGBT population is also diverse, images of people of color who are lesbians, bisexuals, and gay men are missing from most portrayals of people of minority sexual orientation.

4% in 2000. 9% in 2050. In other words, by 2030, one in every five Americans could be over age 65 (He, Sengupta, Velkoff & DeBarros, 2005). Recognizing the differences between a healthy 65-year-old and a frail 90-yearold, researchers often focus on subgroups within the 65-and-older population. The oldest, those 85 years and older, compose a small but rapidly growing segment Aging and Diversity of the older population. In 1900, only 122,000 people were 85 years or older. 2 million, 34 times as large.

We would like you to keep these experiences in mind as we now turn to examine the “numbers” behind each of these ethnic groups. The racial and ethnic diversity of older adults is currently quite high. Furthermore, because of different fertility, mortality, and migration rates among minority Americans in previous years, the racial and ethnic diversity among the aged will grow more quickly during the coming decades. By the middle of the century, the minority elderly population will include one in almost four older persons.

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