March 28, 2017

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By M. Ramamoorty

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9b can also be used for conducting the difdt test on the SCR. For this, a small inductor is connected in series with the anode circuit. ┬ĚThe rate of change of anode current, after the device is triggered, is controlled by varying the initial voltage on the capacitor. The specifications for the rise time and the peak current can be obtained from the application notes of the manufacturer. The measurement of the circuit-commutated turn-off time tq can be made by means of the circuit shown in Fig. 3.

6 shows the structure of the shorted emitter which is used for SCRs with a capability of withstanding high values of dvfdt. Here, a part of the thermally-generated r1 I I I Cj: ::=: I I t---------------IJ2 N r------------------IJ1 p l_ Fig. 6 Shorted emitter structure. leakage current and the charging current across the reverse-biased junction h are diverted around the gate-to-cathode junction by providing an alternative low-impedance path to the cathode as shown in the figure. Because of the side-gate structure and the highly-resistive P layer, the turn-on time of such an SCR is high.

4a) at the time the UJT is switched. This is equal to (C'1 2 V~)/2. There is a minimum amount of energy (J v8 i 1 dt) required for reliable turning-on of the SCR. Therefore, for a given Vb, there is a minimum value of capacitance 50 AN INTRODUCTION TO THYRISTORS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS C. For given values of C, "7, and T, the required value of Rc can be obtained from Eq. 1). It is important to see whether the Rc load line intersects the device characteristic in the negative resistive region. 2 Frequency Stability The UJT relaxation oscillator maintains constant output frequency for a given value of Rc even though the supply voltage fluctuates.

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