March 28, 2017

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By Iris Murdoch

 A strong novel of a family’s look for love amid the wreckage of failed relationships An Unofficial Rose is a narrative of a father and son, either disillusioned with their lives, and either in love with somebody except their better halves. whereas the daddy, a widower, regrets by no means leaving his spouse for his mistress, the son seeks any chance to flee his boring marriage. Written with Murdoch’s masterful mix of comedy and tragedy, An Unofficial Rose is a compelling tale of affection, remorse, and the complexity of human relationships.


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22303-5) FABLES OF AESOP, Illustrated by Alexander Calder. (21780-9) VIEWS OF VENICE, Antonio Canaletto. (22705-7) DRAWINGS FOR THE BIBLE, Marc Chagall. ). S. ) (24345-1) DRAWINGS, Jean Cocteau. (20781-1) 50 SECRETS OF MAGIC CRAFTSMANSHIP, Salvador Dalί. S. ) (27132-3) DAUMIER: 120 GREAT Daumier. (23512-2) LITHOGRAPHS, Honoré LEONARDO ON THE HUMAN BODY, Leonardo da Vinci. (24483-0) 46 DRAWINGS, Hilaire Degas. (21233-5) THE CODEX BORGIA, Gisele Díaz and Alan Rodgers. (27569-8) THE DORÉ BIBLE ILLUSTRATIONS, Gustave Doré.

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