March 28, 2017

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By Jacques Ellul

Jacques Ellul blends politics, theology, historical past, and exposition during this research of the connection among political anarchy and biblical religion. at the one hand, indicates Ellul, anarchists have to take into account that a lot in their feedback of Christianity applies simply to the shape of faith that built, to not biblical religion. Christians, nonetheless, have to examine the biblical texts and never reject anarchy as a political alternative, for it kind of feels closest to biblical pondering. Ellul right here defines anarchy because the nonviolent repudiation of authority. He seems to be on the Bible because the resource of anarchy (in the experience of nondomination, now not disorder), operating in the course of the outdated testomony heritage, Jesus' ministry, and eventually the early church's view of energy as mirrored within the New testomony writings. "With the verve and the present of trenchant simplification to which we've been accustomed, Ellul lays naked the fallacy that Christianity may still typically be the best friend of civil authority." -John Howard Yoder

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Stilling the storm) to come to the help of people. He never performs miracles to astonish people or to prove his power or to stir up belief in his divine sonship. He refuses to perform miracles on demand. If people say: Perform this miracle and we will believe in you, he refuses absolutely. ) A miracle of the type found here is thus inconceivable in and for itself. What then is the point of it? Jesus first states that he does not owe the tax. The halfshekel tax was the temple tax. But it was not simply in aid of the priests.

True man). He was obviously mocking the high priest when he said: "Hereafter," that is, from the moment when you condemn me. , this time before Pilate. As so often happened, Jesus was trying to disconcert Pilate. When Pilate asked him: "Are you the King of the Jews" (v. " Pilate replied that he was not a Jew and that all he knew was that the Jewish authorities had handed Jesus over to him. ]. " (This was the only charge on 10 The word "clouds" is often misunderstood. For the Jews the term "heaven," and especially "heaven of heavens," did not denote our blue sky with the moon and sun.

My second and last symbol is the fall of Great Babylon in ch. 18. There is general agreement that Babylon represents Rome. But it is also clear in the text that Rome is equated with supreme political power. All nations have drunk the wine of the fury of their vices. The first interesting feature is that of the fury or violence in evil. All the kings of the earth are delivered up to adultery. Political power is the climax, for earthly kings all lie with it. Merchants are enriched. by the power of Babylon's luxury.

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