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By Pill-Soon Song

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D E U T C H Institute of Molecular Biology and Plant Physiology and Institute of Physics, Aarhus University, DK 8000 Denmark (Received 14 June 1977; accepted 16 August 1977) Abstract—The unfolding of etiolated barley leaves was induced by two short pulses of light separated by a dark interval. For certain wavelengths of light the effect of the "second" light pulse was enhanced when the pulse was given after a 300-2000 s dark interval as compared with its effect when the two light pulses were given simultaneously.

Details of this procedure as well as the subsequent determination of the H-radioactivity incorporated 3 elsewhere (Richter, 1973). have been published Materials. 5[ H]uridine was purchased from Amersham-Buchler (Braunschweig). The substances for preparing polyacrylamide gels came from Serva (Heidelberg). Supplier of the other analytical grade chemicals was Merck (Darmstadt). RESULTS Rapidly labelled rRNA species from blue light and dark grown excised roots Excised root tips of pea seedlings growing in blue light (350-550 nm) in a synthetic medium exhibit development of chloroplasts from colourless leucoplasts after 4 days.

T = 23 + 1°C. (50 plant sections per point). growth medium was washed vermiculite wetted with dilute Knop-nutrient solution. 5 cm from the leaf tip, floated on distilled water, irradiated, and kept in the dark for 20 h to unfold. The widths of the unfolded leaf sections were measured by the aid of an overhead projector. The results are expressed in percent of dark control width. The points on the graphs usually represent the average width from at least 50 plant sections, from at least two separate experiments.

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