March 28, 2017

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By Robert Engle

Monetary markets reply to details almost instantly. every one new piece of data impacts the costs of resources and their correlations with one another, and because the procedure swiftly alterations, so too do correlation forecasts. This fast-evolving setting provides econometricians with the problem of forecasting dynamic correlations, that are crucial inputs to threat size, portfolio allocation, Read more...

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Suppose there are trends in the data, then the sample average will be different from the pre-sample average and there will be an initial adjustment. It is possible to forecast backward, or “backcast,” these values. This is not used in any models I know of, but it is implemented in some univariate volatility models. The unknown parameters in these two models are often not estimated but are simply assumed based on the experience of the investigator. For 32 3. 06 for all assets for daily data, and on Wall Street many covariances are called “historical” and are based on twenty-day or hundred-day moving averages.

The models are the moving-average volatilities and correlations, often called historical volatilities and correlations: t−1 hist Hi,j,t = 1 yi,s yj,s m s=t−m for all i, j. 6) The exponential smoother has been used by RiskMetrics for its risk calculations. It is defined by ex Hi,j,t = λyi,t−1 yj,t−1 + (1 − λ)Hi,j,t−1 for all i, j ∞ (1 − λ)s yi,t−s−1 yj,t−s−1 . 1. The Moving Average and the Exponential Smoother 31 In both of these models the covariance matrix for the observation at time t is based on information through time t − 1.

2. Estimating the Quasi-Correlations 45 Chou (2005), Engle (2002b), and Fernandes et al. (2005), who use the daily range to estimate the volatilities in this framework. Furthermore, the model could in principle be estimated using a stochastic volatility model following any of the many different approaches that have been tried. It can even be estimated using measures such as implied volatilities or variance swap rates if these are available for some of the series. There are many sources for reading about GARCH and related models.

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